FraserPop - Maryborough State School 2018

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Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Another absolute success. Lots of donations and raffle ticket sales over the weekend. People enjoyed seeing us there. And as far as I know, all the Troopers where happy and had fun over the weekend at our little, relaxed Con. Many, many thanks to all those who attended and made the trip to make this year a great success. Many traveled long distances to be there, from as far as Airlie Beach up North and all the members from down South near Brisbane. Us local Wide Bay members certainly appreciate it when you all make it to one of our troops. This was actually the LARGEST EVER gathering of members we have had in our region, so thank you all. To all those who donated prizes for the raffle, thank you so, so much for your contributions. It was a great lot of prizes thanks to you all. I really appreciate everything that you all do and it really made this event fantastic. Including shaking the buckets and posing for photo's all weekend. Thank you again to Diatium and Teiwaz for bringing prop items along, which really added a great area to the troop, along with DarkFather's Gonk. Hope to see you all and more again next year.
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