Fight Against Cancer

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This is a 5K event with food trucks, bounce houses, rock wall, tons of games etc. To help Raise funds for two kids battling cancer. 1: Archer Wagstaff of Spanish Fork, UT. 2 years old was diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer that has spread to his lungs. After an aggressive treatment he went into remission in July of last year but a tumor appeared again and he finishing up Chemotherapy now that will end in July. This will be his second time beating cancer! 2: Caleb Terry of Stanquin, UT. Diagnosed at 3 years with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2012 he went through 3 and a half years of chemo, and finished in Feb. of 2016 but later that year in Sep. he relapsed. He's gone through many difficulties with the new treatments including some neurological reactions to the new drugs. At almost 8 years old Caleb doesn't remember much of a time before the doctors and hospital stays but he's got hope to beat cancer with new treatment options.
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Saturday, June 3, 2017
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Personal event for child with cancer